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Using the characteristics of ancient Chinese coins to complete a series of magical effects, this is N11

You display two coins, one black and one red, both of which are inscribed with the four Chinese characters' 乾隆通宝 '.

The audience chooses to hold the red coin in their hands. You take down the four Chinese characters on the black coin one by one, as if miraculously putting them into your pocket, leaving behind a black coin with no characters on it.

You reached into your pocket as if you had grabbed four Chinese characters and thrown them back onto the coin. The black coin returned to normal, but you immediately grabbed the Chinese character "宝" from it, and then the audience opened their hands and found a "宝" character on the back of the red coin.

'宝' symbolizes wealth, and this trick symbolizes giving wealth to the audience. The beautiful meaning makes the N11 very suitable for use in your business, private, and party performances, and it will definitely be welcomed by the audience.

The N11 includes a complete set of special coins and detailed online instructions
Prepare to use N11 to send wealth and blessings to more audiences!