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Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin & Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin by N2G

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Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin 38.2mm diameters
Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin 70mm diameters
Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin + Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin (save 14 usd)
magnet diameter 25mm
magnet diameter 30mm
magnet diameter 35mm
magnet diameter 40mm
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As a classic coin magic prop, Magnetic Triple Coin has always been the darling of coin magic lovers. With its unique conversion effect and ingenious design, this prop has allowed countless magicians to perform amazing coin conversion magic in front of the audience. However, with the continuous development of magic shows, the audience's requirements for visual effects are becoming higher and higher, and the performance of traditional Magnetic Triple Coin on the big stage is beginning to be limited. That's why N2G launched the Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin.

Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin is a huge coin magic prop, which magnifies the effect of traditional coin flying three times, so that the coin magic, which is originally only suitable for close performance, can also be freely displayed on the hall stage at a long distance. This innovative design concept is not only an increase in physical size, but also a leap in visual impact.

In order to give you a more intuitive understanding of the magic of Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin, we may wish to describe its charm through a specific magic scene. Imagine a magician holding a huge Morgan coin on a spacious stage, with every detail of the coin clearly visible to all members of the audience, whether seated front or back. With a flick of the magician's hand, the coin magically changed into three coins in the air, then jumped and flew on the magician's fingertips, and finally mysteriously merged into one. Such a performance will undoubtedly leave a deep impression on the audience.

In the design of the Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin, N2G has demonstrated extreme attention to detail. First, each coin is covered with realistic coin stickers that visually resemble the real Morgan coin and are difficult to distinguish even up close. Secondly, the suction accuracy between the magnet coins reaches 100%, which means that during the performance, the conversion between the coins can be done silently, without worrying about any unnatural sound or delay, thus ensuring the fluency of the performance and the perfect presentation of the magic effect. Finally, the thickness of these giant Morgan coins is the same as that of ordinary giant Morgan coins, and this precise control of proportion and weight makes the magician more comfortable with the operation, and also makes the audience more confident that they are looking at the real coin.

For enthusiasts of coin magic, Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin offers a whole new platform to perform. Whether it is a close interaction on the street or a large performance on a spacious stage, this prop can make your coin magic more colorful. For example, you can use Jumbo Morgan STC to perform a shocking coin magic show on the stage of a company annual meeting, so that every audience present can clearly see every action of the coin in your hand, and feel every moment of the coin disappearing, appearing, and transforming. Such a performance can not only make your magic skills fully displayed, but also let the audience feel the real charm of magic.

In short, the Jumbo Morgan Magnetic Triple Coin is an innovative coin magic prop that, with its huge size, realistic appearance and precise maneuverability, offers new possibilities for coin magic performances. Whether you are a professional magician or a passionate fan of coin magic, this prop will be a powerful weapon to enhance your performance and conquer the hearts of your audience. To miss it is to miss an opportunity to take your coin magic show to a whole new level.

PS: There are 3 stickers on the back of the 3 split coin. One head sticker and two tail stickers.