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BitCoin Chips by N2G

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$139.00 USD 每项
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In the fantasy world of magic, every prop carries endless mystery and surprise. Today, let's unveil the mystery of a new magic prop - BitCoin Chips, which can not only change into three, but also transform into chips, injecting an unprecedented sense of technology and fantasy for the stage performance!

The BitCoin Chips, which resembles the familiar digital currency bitcoin in appearance, is enough to attract the attention of the audience on the stage. When the magician holds this real bitcoin and performs in full view of the public, the audience is transported into a fantasy world where technology and magic are intertwined.

Under the skillful control of the magician, this bitcoin can magically change into three, allowing the audience to witness the spectacle of digital currency "proliferation". This change not only shows the magician's superb skills, but also reflects the perfect combination of modern technology and magic art. In this moment of wonder, the audience seems to feel the power of science and technology and the mystery of magic.

What is even more amazing is that these bitcoins can also be transformed into chips in the hands of magicians. This transformation not only brings the audience into a fantastical casino situation, but also makes people full of unlimited daydreams about the future of digital currency. In this utopian scenario, viewers seem to see a future in which digital currencies are more closely integrated with real life.

The emergence of this BitCoin Chips not only provides new performance materials for magicians, but also allows the audience to appreciate the magic at the same time, feel the collision and integration of technology and art. It lets us see that under the promotion of science and technology, magic, an ancient art form, can also glow with new vitality and vitality.

With its unique charm, BitCoin Chips show us a fantasy world where technology and magic are intertwined. In this world, everything is possible, everything is full of unknown and surprises. Let us look forward to the future of this prop on the stage to bloom more brilliant glory!

PS: The chips are stickers, not real chips.