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N2G started in 2011 and has been developing for 12 years. It has distributors and magic consumer groups from multiple countries around the world.


N2G has always been committed to the mission of "native to global" and has created many original magic products by Chinese magicians, enjoying international reputation.


In the past two years of the epidemic, the N series of ancient coin props have been continuously launched, and N2G global sales have also exceeded 280,000 USD, and sales are still increasing. Behind the sales, it is Chinese coins and Chinese magic that have gained genuine recognition in the world market.


Now N2G hopes to expand its business and optimize its global brand positioning, requiring more varieties, different effects, close-up or stage original magic products. By leveraging the brand's international reputation, we aim to explore the international market for Chinese original magic products, find customers, and truly transform Chinese products into global ones.


If you have your own original magic product, what we need is your idea and product.


N2G will not hesitate to purchase high-quality products originally created by Chinese magicians, with the first batch of 300-600 sets and transaction amounts ranging from 2800 USD to 28,000 USD. We will negotiate with you based on the effectiveness, quality, and originality of your magic product.


Interested and capable magician friends, please contact us. Pushing Chinese magic to the world requires your strength


WhatsApp:+86 18813229933

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