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3D box by N2G and WZ

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Visual box (empty box out of things) This classic prop was sold out as soon as it was released at the Blackpool Magic Conference! And now, a more perfect iteration has appeared! Empty Box Out 2.0 upgrade magic effect: The magician shows an unfolded box without any mechanism on both sides, then folds the sides of the box, takes a handful of magic from the air into the box, opens the sides of the box, there is a toy car or a small Rubik's cube, any items that can be contained in the box can appear! In the same way, if you can appear, you can disappear the object! Just as visual as it appears, without any extra movement! A classic props props of absolute combat include: a set of props box + a toy car + special accessories empty box out of the 2.0 version and the difference between the generation has 1, appearance upgrade! The version with black on both sides of the first generation makes it easy for the audience to think that there is a mechanism hidden in the box, so the second generation looks more like a gift box from the outside, and the high-level sense is immediately highlighted! The audience can intuitively see the two sides of the box, the outside is a red gift box shape, there is nothing suspicious. 2, lining upgrade! Lined with integrated flannelette material highlights the quality of the props, both from the feel and feel have a more advanced feeling. 3, increased the locking system of the organ!! The magician no longer needs to pinch the position of the organ with his hand, and there will be no embarrassing thing like the organ sticking up! The results are cleaner and can even be operated with one hand!