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LCC Pro by N2G

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LCC Pro+Jumbo BitCoin
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LCC Pro 
As a hot-selling item, LCC is loved by a large number of magician lovers and is almost sold out in a short period of time. After a period of combat testing, we have improved some details of the imperfections of the original LCC.

Compared with the previous generation, LCC Pro has the following advantages:
1. The four coins are of different colors and almost the same size, which makes more sense and avoids the appearance of two identical coins.
2. The size of the coins is normal, no edging, and the appearance is more natural.
3. Easy to operate, no strange movements, no unnatural looks.
4. Spectators can check coins without having to carry extra rings, which is very convenient.
5. It can be operated with one hand, which increases flexibility.
6. Solved the sound problem of Menzi coins combined.

Now, LCC Pro is finally here, and it will help you do the following magic effects even better:
1: The coin changes color
LCC Pro is able to help magicians turn all four different coins into bitcoins extremely cleanly, and it is completely ready for the audience to inspect and continue with the rest of the performance.
2: Disappear 4 coins
LCC Pro can cleanly disappear four completely different coins in a short period of time, which will open up more possibilities for magicians.
3: Coins pierced through the table
Coin crossing the table has always been a fascinating coin magic, and LCC Pro can help you do this effect neatly, making the whole magic effect even more incredible.
4: With VDR
VDR has always been a great partner for coin magic, and when paired with LCC Pro, it will burst into infinite power. Teleportation, time rewind...... A lot of gameplay is waiting for you to develop!
5: Cooperate with NS sounder
On top of the normal LCC Pro magic flow, the NS Sounder pushes all the effects to the extreme, which will give your audience a completely incredible experience!
6: Four coins are transferred from the left hand to the right hand in an instant.

LCC Pro, professional design and convenient operation, bring you an unparalleled magic experience.