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Super Oreo by N2G

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Oreo stc

For those who are tired of the traditional color-changing coin three fly magic, or think that the ordinary coin three fly magic and daily life is not closely linked to the magic enthusiasts, N2G launched this innovative magic product - OSTC, will undoubtedly completely refresh your traditional understanding of coin magic props.

N2G made a bold breakthrough in the design of this product, cleverly integrating the familiar Oreo cookie into the magic show, making the original coin magic props become almost illegible in the eyes of the audience. This innovation is not only a visual camouflage, but also a conceptual innovation, which allows coin magic to have an unprecedented close connection with the daily life of the audience.

What's more, OSTC magic props also cleverly re-interpreted the classic magic effect of "eating coins", making it more natural and reasonable in the performance process. When the magician shows this effect in front of the audience, what the audience will see is no longer a simple magic trick, but an incredible visual feast - as if the magician is actually eating pieces of delicious Oreo cookies.

All in all, N2G's OSTC magic prop, with its unique design concept and exquisite effects, has injected new vitality into coin magic, brought new possibilities to magic shows, and will become a shining pearl in any magic performer's prop box.