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RBG 2.0 By N2G

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Morgan expanded shell refill
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After the release of the popular RBG, N2G continued to improve coin craftsmanship and created a new coin prop, RBG2.0.

This is N2G's tribute to the classic CSB, with three coins, one Morgan coin, one copper coin, and one ancient Chinese coin. You can change positions between your hands or take away two of them, but in the end, there are still three different coins left in your hand.

The cleverness of this prop is that it allows you to quickly convert a Morgan coin into an ancient coin, a copper coin, and a Morgan coin, totaling three coins.

Based on the classic CSB gimmick, it can be more versatile than this classic magic effect.

In addition to exquisite coin craftsmanship, RBG2.0 is also equipped with matching stickers, so during performances, you can quickly display both sides of all coins, which is an unprecedented innovation.

The prop includes three regular coins and a special prop coin that allows you to turn a Morgan coin into three different coins. And detailed online instructions.

Upgrade your coin magic once! Welcome to RBG2.0.