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SCC by N2G

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Controlling the shape of metal with mysterious power has always been a legendary magic effect

It's my pleasure to introduce SCC to you. Make your coin magic closer to reality than ever before

take an ancient Chinese coin from the audience, which they had just examined carefully,

Then take out the lighter and bake it slowly

With the magic of heat, visually stretch it in your hand... Not once, but twice.


This coin can be handed over to the audience for inspection before, during and after the performance.

You can also play a puzzle game with the audience and let a half dollar pass through the hole in the middle of the ancient coin.

It will be the perfect end of your coin magic

The complete set of props includes three coins and online instructions

Ordinary coins and prop coins with exquisite workmanship

Be ready to show the mysterious power of fire with ancient Chinese coins.



Many people think magic is similar to puzzles.

I want to tell you that is not the case.

This is an ancient Chinese coin with a hole in it.

This is a half dollar coin.

Can you put a half dollar coin through the hole of an ancient coin?

This is a puzzle.

But, look carefully, when I put this ancient coin in my hand and stretch it, stretch it again.

Now, this half dollar coin can go through.

That's why I chose magic, not puzzles