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About us

N2G, founded in August 2012, is currently one of the most professional original brands of magic in the world.
Since our founding, N2G team has been committed to the development of original magic products. Brand name- N2G, means "NATIVE TO GLOBE". It can be translated into "from the globe". LOGO is the colorized star pattern, meaning that N2G team will be based on the present situation and development trend of the global ecological magic and use it as a source of inspiration, integrated the new concept into the team’s original product development, and influence the whole world. By virtue of N-Series Coin Products, and others high quality original magic product marketing and promotion, N2G team already has many proponents and stable consumers , and recognised by many international famous magic sites.



Nic Cheung

Founder / CEO
Nic Cheung, CEO and founder of N2G, began his magic career as a student of 17. He saw his classmates perform a magic trick, and deeply fall in love with magic. At the beginning, he learned some coin magic and has a genius for coin magic. After graduating from university, he began to create coin magic gimmicks. N2, his first original coin magic prop was invented in 2012 and was widely followed by coin workers around the world after its release. In the following time, he invented a variety of coin props, in terms of quality and workmanship are excellent. The N series coin products are popular all over the world and gain highly recommendations from professional and famous magicians. Nic Cheung continues to create amazing and original coin gimmicks and magic products. Info:



Hannah Leung

Product Manager

Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm not a magician, but I love magic and I know what a good trick is. I was responsible for the assembly, packing,

and shipping of the props.  Info:




George Kwok

Hello,I'm George Kwok,who is E-commerce Commissioner of N2G.

I'm also responsible for tutorial filming.